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Whoomp!! It's the Vodafone live....

I was googling my mobile and I tried to activate GPRS, but Vodafone's setting were already been saved, which was sent automatically by vodafone some time ago.

I tried connecting to the www and got the link. After surfing I disconnected my mobile from the internet and I was a bit ruffled and checked my balance.... But the balance was same... the next day I tried downloading some stuff and still my balance figures were same.

Asked my friend to check this out... It worked for my buddy too... but one my friends used same old HUTCH settings and he got screwed!

If you people want to access free internet then...

1. Download Vodafone's setting.
2. Set Vodafone live! As assess point.
3. Use free internet.

NOTE: This offer might not last long.

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Blogger Mahesh said...

super da... good suggestion..but once it happened to my fren... he was not charged for the caller tunes for two months and the third month they took off the total money...so paathu use pannu

7:26 PM, October 10, 2007  

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