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THE LAW? Part-1

We species have faced the frightening and terrorising fact that, we do not know who we are? What we must be doing and why? Where we must be going in this ocean of chaos?

It has been either our elders or the authorities who have tried to comfort us by bounding us inside a circumference of rules, regulations and orders.

Why did they do so?

Those rules or guidelines might have comforted the panel and people of that particular time line or their race. Rules have been framed with sheer self interest and not for the entire human hood but for the particular category. In order to think for yourself you must question the authorities who framed them, but unfortunately they aren’t alive.

What if a mass chunk of people aren’t comfortable with the existing rules and punishments for the crimes that are being committed?

Peel of a layer by BAD TOUCH echoed across the horizons…

India must be ashamed of itself for letting few incorrigible bastards who have molested women in the past to live freely and people supporting them and has created a disparaging remark on the people of this nation.

A Maharashtra politician commented on the issue of series of molestation…

Do not make this issue big, this is just an issue just like any other. No big deal in this.

Only if that politician’s wife or daughter is molested in public, he’ll come to know the degree of pain involved in molestation.

What sort of punishment can be given?

6 months of imprisonment/lifetime imprisonment?

Hang him in public/Shoot him in public?

A big NO to all above punishments… The punishment’s degree must be severe that one must even fear to think of committing the same.

Family planning must be done without using anesthesia and let them go. He must feel for what he did.

What if he does the same again?

He must be beaten to death by the victim and her family members; if they do not wish to do so then we can hang the molester.

Why should we be so harsh?

A person who lacks in self integrity, who does not respect the women hood or human kind and their feelings is not supposed to exist and also to avoid such slumber rooms in future.

Should the law be changed based on the victims plea and considering others safety?

Yes, it is not mandatory that the punishment which is stated above must only be given, any punishment which is in par with my punishment in terms of sinisterness or balefulness or the degree of harshness.

Will the law makers create or redefine the existing law?


They are damn selfish for their gender and fail to maintain the nation’s integrity.

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Anonymous Abhijit said...

i am happy that u have addressed a very delicate issue and u hav also given suggestions as to how the molesters have to be treated, but do u think that addressing this issue in the open public will result u with the best results? the victims, will they recover? I appreciate ur anger towards that bleady junk of molesters, but try to think a bit about the victims, think how they can be brought back to their natural living....

Even I raise ma voice for these issues but the ultimate benefits of u posting these should go to the needy for their help and not just for ppl to read through. A rather good effort.....

7:47 PM, January 20, 2008  
Blogger Raghuveeran said...

Raising these issues in public will not give best results but will make at least few people to think about it...
I'm not able to help the affected directly, but someone would/might help the needy by reading this/stuff like this...

8:48 PM, January 20, 2008  
Blogger Ganesh Prabhu said...

Well well well, seems like you took divertion. However, since this blog post is primarily about molestation, I still find this post targeted on women :P. Ok Jokes apart, you have put the law under scrutiny and rightly so. Serious amendments in the laws framed need to done to curb the crimes committed, but, then again it will be some specific body framing new rules and one cannot say for sure those laws will be altruistic.

In my opinion capital punishments do not solve the purpose.

1:12 AM, January 22, 2008  
Blogger Raghuveeran said...

@ganesh prabhu
Did you know?
Our law was framed by male...

ya it must be framed by a specific body...but body can still ask for publics opinion since law is framed for the public...

capital punishment can stress them and prevent them by lingering their minds from committing a crime... but definitely it will not stop.

well do you think 6 months of imprisonment or a year will do for brutally hurting someone...


3:05 PM, January 22, 2008  
Blogger Krishna said...

80 men against 2 women. They must be ashamed. The police didnt register a case. The media makes money over it. The politicians make gains over it and whats the end result. The agony, the pain and shame remains. U frame 80 men but the amount of these incidents has seen dramatic increase. Changing laws and punishments u mentioned are nice to talk about. But whats the practical solution?? I would say every gal must try to build their self defence eventhough they might not stand a chance against 80, they may agianst one or 2. I like a dialouge from tamil film "Samy" where hero says not only guns and knives can be weapons but chilli powders and aruvamanai. This would act as a immediate line of defence, for more secure society we need better laws and speedy justice. But whatever said, damage done to the gal is done and it cannot be reverted back.

I dont agree with capital punishment too. But how about gender transformation operation?? Cose u cant do a favour to this people by instant killin, they must feel for their act every second they live. That would defn serve as deterent. Hmmm as i said ithu pechu ku venumna nalla erukalam but practically i beleive that we got to be safe than sorry. Cose damage once done is done.


12:17 AM, January 24, 2008  

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