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i missed one of the pics...

Pulsar DTS-Fi......

$$$$Now bajaj is launching the pulsar 225 cc/250 cc. Its official name is Pulsar DTS-Fi. Believe it or not, first Indian bike which comes with a rear Disc Brake from the factory. Even the most powerful bike (RD 350 cc) on the Indian Roads did not have that have that as a default Fit.

To start, the bjaj DTS-Fi combines Electronic Fuel injection technology with Digital twin spark ignition for the first time on the Indian Roads. It has largest diameter front forks and high-tech digital instrumentation.

To tell a little about the bike, it was officially launched in the Autoexpo at Delhi. As already mentioned it has a Rear Disc Brakes on both the wheels. Its front fairing is likely to be similar to Karizma. Its OIL COOLED and no more Natural Air Cool Engine. IT claims to have the widest tires on the Indian Roads given by any manufacturer. IT was LED Lights (back) and Projector lamp on the front which is another one of a kind in India.These light are very effective when compared to conventional Halogens.

It has a digital trip,speedo and a odometer and a cute Tachometer.The handle bar is sporty.That one is somethin that you would see on super bikez.The silencer is COOL..but humpy..it has a meshy silencer.These days we happen to see many bikez have mod silencer,even this bike has it but the difference is that,itz factory fitted.

Hmmm...few other things to mention is the alloys which now come even in Pulsar150.need to see what kinda f alloys does it come with.Also the shockers look similar to what we have on the other pulsar(Gas Shox)

This would be of some intrest...the rear view mirrors are positioned in a very sporty manner...They come out of the front fairing.The seating is now STEP type.I dont think if it is removable though but it looks sporty.

Well that's i no abt the new Deamon waiting to burn he roads...This is scheduled to be launched by MID r END of 2006 so all u guyz who are plannin to buy one,.Plez hold on for the BEAST$$$$

CONCLUSION:Even though it looks good it is a copycat of all other bikez..xept for \fuel injection/
Mind u... cost wll b touching almost same as karizma..may even b lesser.