I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."

Love at first sight?

Love at first sight? Yeah, why not! First impression always counts.

One can probably or never judge the chemistry involved in love. There are no chemical or mathematical equations proving love at first sight.

Some enchanted evening you may see a stranger irrespective of what you see quotidian. You may see a stranger across a crowded room. And somehow you know, you know even then, that somewhere you'll see her again and again at least for the reverse case of women.

People know what kind f relationship they gotta maintain with another within few minutes of meeting, that helps them determine how much effort they are willing to put into developing a relationship, It is almost a self fulfilling prophecy.

According to color experts (Director of the Pantone Color Institute), for girls, red is the most stimulating color you can wear. In fact wearing or seeing red actually increases blood flow, and mimics attraction. Guys who frequently wear blue are stable, faithful and always there. The blue guy is perfect for a serious relationship: he's reliable, faithful and can match his own clothes.

Some people say: I raised ma head and for a moment I looked into her/his eyes, I knew from my heart that she/he was the one!

But according to me ‘Love at first sight’ seems to be attributed exclusively to face attractiveness and other aspects like appearance, voice, gesticulating moves, smell (taking a gentle deep breath is enough you don’t really have to behave like dogs). According to analysis, if you think of becoming friends then you’ll communicate with him/her more often, and you’ll be telling more about you and do things that will help ensure a friendship does develop. We are able to judge attractiveness with surprising speed and on the basis of very little information. It seems that pretty faces 'prime' our minds to make us more likely to associate the pretty face with a positive emotion and keeps us in proximity with the pretty face. There are no definite rules to what kind of face can be called beautiful, but we chose faces of extreme, very ugly or very pretty. Seen rapidly, viewers were able to make what amounted to an unconscious, albeit accurate, assessment of physical beauty, but everything depends on the eyes of the beholder.

Each one has an equal right to exist and express their feelings, Even though many scientific researchers found out that people fall in love in first 30sec on seeing another person… Their theory is still in metastable state.

Is there such a thing as love at the first sight? Or it is just infatuation? How is it possible to feel so much for a stranger, a passerby?
Love has no limits, no color, no time...I see but... How can you love the person you have just met? Is this love at first sight, or merely an attraction that later turns to love? Difficult to know... I respect whom has this firm belief, but still have some doubts about...passion can be, but love...real love...don't know...

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" Switching ourselves from fossil fuel era to hydrogen fuel era will be having technological hurdles, the difficulty of creating a new energy infrastructure will be money swallowing and mind boggling, but could provide health, environmental, climatic and economic benefits and reduce the reliance on diminishing oil supplies and to establish a perfect platform ".

Does vehicles conversion from gasoline to diesel advisable even with advanced emissions and particle control technologies?

This would actually increase photochemical smog. The reason is that even advanced diesel vehicles may emit more oxides of nitrogen than do gasoline-powered vehicles, and these oxides spur ozone production.

Companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel cell research with the ultimate goal of removing the auto from the environmental equation, because we believe the automobile leads the way to the hydrogen economy and a truly sustainable future.
A combination of electricity and internal combustion of gasoline, as in hybrid vehicles; hydrogen generated from wind electrolysis; hydrogen generated from natural gas; and hydrogen generated from coal gasification are the various forms of generation of hydrogen fuel.

While the production of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is undesirable, the process produces about 55 percent less carbon dioxide than the internal combustion.


Eliica Battery Electric Car with 370 km/h top speed and 200 km range…

Advances in lithium based battery technology, in large part driven by the consumer electronics industry, allow full sized, highway capable electric vehicles to be propelled as far on a single charge as conventional cars go on a single tank of gasoline. Lithium batteries have been made safe, can be recharged in minutes instead of hours, and now last longer than the typical vehicle.

Another improvement was to decouple the electric motor from the battery through electronic control while employing ultra-capacitors to buffer large but short power demands and recuperable braking energy.
Innovators and dealmakers descend to soak up the hottest technologies that will blow minds, break barriers and fly off shelves in the years to come. By the implication of Robotics, Biometrics, Voice recognition devices, Audio networking solutions, Disposable technology, Nanotechnologies, Flexible computing devices and GPS etc will take automobile industry to the next dimension.
a deafening roaR

* As the fuel cell technology and usage of batteries has emerged with a roar, engines will be replaced in near future completely…

* Implication of fuel injection system in bikes has already ruled out the carburetors life…

* Robots have already overtaken the large part of assembling & manufacturing section long time ago…

* Steering systems will get replaced by joysticks/joy pad/remote control…etc

What's new now is that inexpensive semiconductors are available to provide the extraordinarily precise control of very large amounts of electric power, at very low cost, in very compact controllers.

The side stick, being tested by Mercedes-Benz, is part of a fully computer-controlled car handling system .

The transformation is already well under way in the car's peripheral systems. The belts and pulleys that drive water and oil pumps, and radiator cooling fans, are giving way to electric motors. The best brakes are already electro hydraulic, all electric brakes will follow. With electronic throttles, the gas pedal sends electrical instructions to a microprocessor that controls the fuel injection system electronically. Passive, reactive, energy dissipating springs and shock absorbers are being displaced by an active array of powerful linear motors that move wheels vertically as needed to maintain traction beneath and a smooth ride above.

And electric actuators will displace the steel camshaft on every valued engine. Put each valve under precise, direct, digital-electric control, actuated independently by its own compact electric motor open and close each valve as dictated by current engine temperature, terrain, load, and countless other variables and, in effect, you continuously retune the engine for peak performance. Belts, shafts, and chains melt away. Everything shrinks, everything gets lighter, and every aspect of performance improves dramatically.

Cheap in the Gearbox

This will set the stage for the last big step the one already taken in monster trucks. Silicon and electric power will knock out the entire gearbox, driveshaft, differential, and related hardware, electric drives powers the motors that turn the wheels. Power chips now make it possible to build high power motors the size of a coffee can, and prices are dropping fast. When such motors finally begin driving the wheels, the entire output of the engine will have to be converted immediately into electricity before it is distributed, used, or stored throughout the car. It will take heavy duty wiring and substantial silicon drives and electric motors to propel a hybrid electric sport utility vehicle down a highway at 70 mph but they'll be far smaller than the steel structures in today's power train. Cars will shed many hundreds of pounds, and every key aspect of performance will improve considerably.
The era of Draftsmen came to an end by the introduction of software’s like AUTO CADD, PRO-E, ANSYS, CATIA, SOLIDEDGE etc…

In the same way there will be no need of people who are specialized in engines, steering mechanisms, carburetors and other systems which is gonna be outta f no where… We are currently studying systems which are going to be outdated in near future…everything is gonna be ruled by pre programmed microchips… simply just as your PC… so what will we(the present generation of mechanical engineers) do by having such outdated shit in our syllabi...

So what will be the future of mechanical engineers in the automobile industry as mechanical era is getting converted into electronics era???

NOTE: I went through various websites for my analysis purpose on this topic. The points which i thought would add spice to this post were included in various parts of this post.

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‘Optimism and good health’ like ‘Burger and sauce’, they’re a perfect combination. These valuable assets can lift you up stream and sustain you throughout your life. Happiness and positive outlook of life directly helps in maintaining good health in return, good health can help you feel more cheerful and optimistic. Optimism is not the refuge of bubbleheads it’s a scientifically proven way to get happier, healthier and even cat nippier to the opposite sex.

A happy nd positive perspective can bring many practical benefits like better health, longer life, nd greater success in your fitness regimen, your job, nd even your love life.

Keeping a positive attitude can improve how you feel every day as well. Positive thinking and positive stimuli in ur environment are gr8 for reducing tension during stressful moments.

When you meet people who always seem to be happy, you’re meeting people who are making a daily effort. They are keeping themselves focused on what really uplifts their vision and spirit, and they are working on connecting to other people with laughter, Smiles and kind words. They are working hard to surround themselves with other people who think positively and believe in dreams.

On a purely practical level, I find assuming a can do attitude about my work or personal aspirations always opens up possibilities. My mind begins to work in new, creative ways and Am sure that, physiologically, the neurotransmitters in my brain are finding new pathways and enhancing the overall thinking process. Optimism helps me focus and concentrate better and that automatically gives me a more vigorous and youthful drive as I tackle new ideas.

A common conundrum illustrates optimism versus pessimism with some questions,

What do you see in the below picture?

*Conventional wisdom expects optimists to reply with half full and pessimists to respond with half empty (assuming that full is considered good, and empty, bad.)

What do you see in the below picture?

*Pessimist sees a black dot despite the large amt of white space available.
Whereas an Optimist sees the remaining white space though there is a single black dot.


Remember, you must take some effort to reach and maintain an optimistic perspective, but that effort is as rewarding as the happy, positive lifestyle you will enjoy. As you turn yourself into an optimist, you’ll also be improving your health and ridding your life of unneeded stress. You’ll be smiling more and finding ways to be friendlier and more outgoing. And you’ll be looking forward to a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. So do the practical things learn how to be happy!

A paradox sometimes associated with optimism is that the only thing an optimist cannot view as positive is a pessimist.

And I don’t want anyone to be a panglossian… being an optimist to some extent is enough to lead a better life.

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