I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."

Try to feel the goodness of words... :p

No holes...

No pain...

No gain...

No surgery...

No hospitalisation.

What is this about??

BOTTOM LINE: Tigers don't change their stripes but meaning of a word does change according to ones imagination...

A matter padam with story and its effect... ROTFLOL!!

The two mechanical youth fires of Anna University and one sexiest mama of meenakshi engineering college namely (A, B, C) came to my house one day probably by 8:30 P.M. Saw my entire collection of 300 and odd movies but got inspired by a movie called Intimacy. Since it was my friends DVD I asked them to make a copy of it in a pen drive. The story of the movie was about a failed London musician who happens to meet a woman once in a week for a series of intense sexual encounters to get away from the realities of life. But when he begins inquiring about her, it puts their relationship at risk. Only C had a pen drive and copied it too. Three of them had a fight for the pen drive. Then the two youth fires pleaded for the DVD since they were so desperate to watch it in a big screen so, I gave them ‘THE INTIMACY’. They went to A’s house for watching the movie at night thinking that it would add an effect to the movie. I think they probably started watching the movie by 11:30 P.M., imagine watching such films in 29 inch TV, everything in the movie is huge and the TV shows the movie in extra large size. Half hour went by then they heard a sound which didn’t bother them since they were into the movie. Male actors hand was over the female actors’ breast and by then A's grand ma came out and said...

[“Enna-thu idhu pi-da-ri-gala, mani pannandu aa-gu-thu, karu-mam karu-mam ethayo pathundu irukeengale, pincha serupale idikeren badava rascals”]


“What the hell is this, time is 12 and you people are watching some C grade A^A movies, ill beat you with torn slipper you rascals.”

A: [ paati nan venam nu sonnen ivangadhan ariva velathuko nu sonnange.]


Grand ma these guys only made me watch this movie, I said no to this movie but these guys asked me to sharpen my brain by watching this movie.

A’s grand ma took a broom stick and gave a clean strike over C’s butt, and poured bull shit which was in semi solid state over B’s face… C fell down while trying to jump over the gate by that time I too fell from the bed and realized that it was a dream… but I was laughing my ass out.

They came to my house for real and had a fight but I refused to give the DVD… hope this would have been the after effect if I had given…

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To my valentine!

The butterflies are a-flatter and the bees are a-buzz, when my lips met your love-beaded lips saint valentine remembered his kiss. Roses are red and blood flowing in me is also red, roses symbolise love and my blood flow symbolise your love. You are creamier than italian tiramisu, the chocolate fondue; the hottest chocolate I hav ever had. You are so creamy that even the famous gelato lost its identity. Your name is uniquely sculptured in my heart that even the finest sculpturer wasn't able to find the pulchritudinous strokes.

Serious note: Your sweet ‘poda & chi-po’ are better than your 1-4-3. He he!

World remains sweet when left alone but what I posses is the sweet itself-am never alone.

My virtual honey “y@#$%^a#$%^a@#$%^k#$%^v” is sweeter than the sweetest honey-love.

Happy valentine's day...

Why did that HR mam step out?

Day 1

I got promotion from being a vetty-officer to someone who is decent enough to say “I got placed” or from being vetty to vele vetty. The company to which I was not preparing for but went to attend the aptitude test is/was a prestigious company, but I was not sure about the company’s name until I stepped into the bus which I nearly missed. Well, me along with my college mates went to a huge auditorium of SRM university; supposedly resembling fine silversmith's work, with enrichments derived from Classical, Gothic, Moorish, and Renaissance sources, extravagantly applied to the walls of late-Gothic buildings but had quite a bit of resemblance with modern architecture and generally unrelated to any expression of construction.

We directly had aptitude test which was an easy one, and then we had a heavy meal which was quite like a fighting buffet (both the genders included) with lot of pushing and pulling around. One of official/in charge out there started reading out the names of short listed candidates. Lot of names went by… I was sleeping in my chair without any expectations. Suddenly my name was called and my friends woke me up by “kottifying/knocking my head” me. I started squeezing my eyes and stretched myself, the whole crowd laughed at me. Then I went down stairs and took my seat after which we had a good presentation. Around 300 made to GD out of 2000 candidates.

In GD the topic given to us was “1 lakh car a boon or ban”. Being a mechanical guy I knew some valuable shit which others didn’t know about 1 lakh car which made me clear that round along with 2 others out of 15.

Day 2

An exaggerated preoccupation with the automobile book made me sick. I was jobless and I was doing a real innovative job by counting the number of PEE NUT shaped ones among the F-gender. Then I met Bharath one of my best friends of my old school days, I had a little chit-chat with him and had a little nap before attending the interview. I started dreaming, where I was driving a supersonic car at 11,000 km/hr until I saw a huge man with base ball bat hitting the gears which were directed towards me… when his baseball bat hit my cute supersonic car someone called me and I woke up.

I was sitting outside the interview hall and a guy from St. Joseph College came and said “mama biskothu” well I didn’t reject the offer made as my friend insisted me to have something. Later I went inside a hall comprising of several panels. I saw few wires unbuckled here and there on the ground, I chose my foot landings carefully and I uttered few mantras before meeting the interviewer. The moment I went inside a lady (was a brown beauty) stepped out (I thought… why is this damsel going out??), then I wished the gentleman who was rigid and parked my ass in the seat. He asked me questions for 40minutes which were like a piece of cake^-1.

One of the official’s from RENAULT NISSAN (R & D) called me the next morning and said I was selected and offer letter would be sent to your college. And also added… what sort of caller tune are you having, it is different! My pals would know how melodious my caller tune is… Hope the caller enjoyed as well.

[P.S: Three to four heart breaking girls were available, who also made through the process… looking forward for a good relation with everyone.[:P] He he!

But I’m still wondering about the exit of that HR mam when I came in…. :-(

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