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are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."

Green flower!!

This flower caught my eyes.
May be it was the fresh scent, may be it was the bold display of colours, it's radiance.. something.. it made me turn.
I couldn’t see it very well in crowd but couldn’t take my eyes of it. There was a strange force drawing me towards it.
I decided to step towards it.
As I went near, an amazing thing happened. It began to change!
In a moment it was a smiling torch.
I blinked over and over again…
It was then surrounded by ferocious tigeresses. It’s eyes were glittering!
I rubbed my eyes. It suddenly disappeared…
Then suddenly some time later flower transfigured into an angel.
Just as I was thinking of drawing my sengal out, it changed again.. into the beautiful flower.
Mustering all the courage that I had, with a hand holding tightly on the sengal, I went closer, initially at a slower pace during interval and later at good pace after the movie.
It did not change.
I went closer and closer.
No change.
I was now almost at a touching distance.
I went closer and thought f having a chat..
It wasn't there anymore !
In front of me suddenly the ferocious tigeresses popped up…

Unfortunately I couldn’t use any pop up blocker there…
My friends pulled me out of it and we went in 6wheeler and the flower along with those tigers went in 3wheeler…

Flower refers to the Girl in green chudidhar who came to Sathyam theatre yesterday.

Tiger’s refers to her mother and some anonymous lady.

Sengal refers to Nokia 6600

Update:one day, green leaves will fade away,

faded leaves will fall away, fallen leaves will be thrown away,

but green flower will never fade from my memory...

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Happy Diwali...

"Festival of Lights," it symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind.

Erupting siripalaiyil
Cirithidum MATHAPPU!
Kan-arugil vinmeengal
thodarattum thinandorum,
unvazvil DIWALI!!

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Do the present generation have conscientiousness towards sex???
Having sex before marriage is right or not??

No person in this world is going to uphold celibacy throughout his/her life…
He/She will anyway gratify his/her senses… The question is WHEN??

According to some people sex before marriage is optimal but majority of people are against it. Sex is a very strong biological need. However sex after marriage has a purpose of not only evolution but also a medium of expressing love between couples. If sex becomes a mere need of the body then it can not be enjoyed in true sense and becomes monotonous. You don’t need sex to express your love before marriage you just need a letter or rose[:P]…Because the concept of sex is not very clear and a lot of importance is paid to this subject in negative sense. The concepts of pre-marital sex have a direct bearing on our total concepts of sex itself. It is important how one feels about sex personally, it is like when you are hungry, you eat garbage or you wait for the right food at right place and right time.
The incidence of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, emotionally and physically abusive sex and even the premarital sex goes down and not up!

According to me : It is against our culture, it can be done if you are going to marry the same he/she.... Females specially had to be careful because there were not too many men willing to marry a non-virgin.

Statistics : Premarital sex among 18- to 20-year-olds in metros is as high as 65.6 per cent amongst girls and 63.3 amongst boys.

The following reasons usually spark off such behaviour:
People of this age are more prone to impulsive behaviour. Emotional instability and the use of sexual gratification as a means of relief and Peer pressure…..

Some funny things that happened when I started writing this post…

**My mom suddenly hopped into my room and I asked her suddenly…. ’Is premarital sex’ right or wrong?? Mom was shocked with irrelevant question to the situation… And I explained her that I didn’t do anything wrong.. and was just writing a post on that topic… but her face was filled with lot of worries…

**Topic was good according to me…I wanted different views from other people…So again
without any proper explanation I sent an SMS to my friends (female) stating…..What do u feel about Premarital sex?? Support your answer….

One of my friend lost her mind completely and replied… You are my very good friend, but I didn’t think you’ll behave so cheaply… I have no such intensions with you….“Get lost”…
Oh my God!!...... I called her back and explained her that I was writing a post on that and Blah!! Blah!!….and I asked her to read the last message again…then she said sorry after that….

So what do you guys nd girls feel about Premarital Sex??

premarital sex, premaritalsex, sex before marriage

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Chennai is part of high hazard quake area...

Chennai is seismically prone and is a `high hazard' earthquake area, according to a recent study by Anna University…. Man this news is rockin the whole city… Chennai has been found to have loose soil till 15 metres of depth. Though the city is prone to quakes of the intensity of 5.8 on the Richter scale, the loose soil leads to seismic amplification in the range of 6.3 to 7.2 on the Richter scale…

At nine meters depth, the high seismic hazard areas became linear and narrowed down to small areas in south Chennai, and the largest chunk was in the flood plain area. Hazard prone areas lay in Teynampet, Alwarpet, Mylapore, Gopalapuram, Royapettah and Thousand Lights.

At twelve-metre depth, high hazard areas were distributed in the central and western parts of the Cooum and Adyar flood plains.

At fifteen metres, high hazard areas were in parts of West Mambalam(Oh my god this my area!!!), Nandanam, Mylapore, Saligramam and Alwarpet.

For more info click here


But one thing... I'll be gettin at least 1week hols for sure....[:D]

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My new Pulsar 180 DTS-i

New Science of Washing the Roads with (Fear the Black)

After a long waiting for 220cc bike…Which according to me is not 
worth for the  proposed price…As Pulsar 180 got some enchanting 
new looks and features for same old pricing ( 63,990/- Only )…
A digital bike with cosmetic modes and abeyance…

Digital display includes tripmeter, speed indication, fuel level..
Second part of the bike has Legendary look with sharp end...

DTS-i engine....

Fuel tank slightly modified from inside to prevent overflow of fuel. Mishap done in old 180cc are now rectified… Auto indicator off system included… For riders benefit at night, lighting facility is included for the symbols near the buttons…The eddy movement of the black alloy wheels rule the roads for ever…
This Bike is my 'Birthday Gift' from my sweet mother...
I even got one Kodak Digi cam...

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Dhrushti Bommai / Ward of the Evil Eye

Who is this guy??

This guy is called as ‘Dhrushti bommai’ or ‘Ward of the Evil Eye’. A superstitious belief that this immovable guy is capable of driving Evil Sprits. Local constructors in India tie these Male Barbie dolls in front of the buildings. Dhrushti dolls usually contain orishyellow straws inside Louis Philippe shirt and Trigger jean.

It is believed that, it protects the building from evil looks of people. It is crazy that people still believe these myths. I hope these dolls were not hung while constructing Taipei, Petronas tower, Sears tower, Taj Mahal etc. So why do these brainless constructors put them out??

If the constructor is not wealthy enough of buying a Male Barbie Doll (Dhrushti Bommai)…Then he goes for a Pumpkin… It contains a portail of demons face…It is painted either on White Pumpkin or Metal Plate… People believe that these coloured pumpkin protect their house from kaathu kaarupu… prevents bad souls from entering their homes.....

Sometimes people even use combination of items…
(Lemon, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Alum, conch)

The Evil Eye pendant has the symbol of an eye worked upon it. The symbol of the eye is regarded as a potent amulet for protection against evil forces in almost every culture of the world like Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian. Thus, in Turkey, you have an eye for an eye.

The Turkish Evil Eye Pendant or the Nazar Boncugu, which literally means the “evil eye bead”, is actually a stone bead, which is worn to protect oneself from evil looks. The stone is an amalgamation of molten glass, iron, copper, water and salt. This particular combination of minerals and metals is believed to provide a shield from the forces of evil.

These Myths are blindly followed by large population all over the World…

What do you people think about these superstitious beliefs?

Do you encourage such beliefs or discourage them?

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