I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."

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Blogger Beta is still under construction...

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I started a blog which nobody read.. When I went to work, I blogged there instead..I started a blog which nobody view..

I started a blog but nobody came; no issues were raised, no comments were made;

I started a blog which nobody read.. all I did wasn't that great but you must know here's what is said..

I started a blog; I sent you the link; I wanted you the world to know what I think..

I started a blog but when I read yours; it made me forget what I had started my for..

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Mambalam-Train Accident

This week is Xam week for me…tomorrow i’ll be facing one of the nightmares…
I bunked classes for almost 15 days in the name sake of symposium preparations…When I opened 'My White dolly' (My Notebook)it was like reading some unknown JAVA SCRIPT...So thought of going to my friend’s house…It was 3:35 P.M. I reached Mambalam Railway Station, Where I saw this mishap…There was a train accident near the Mambalam Railway Crossing which was Chilliwack.

A man tried to cross the railings in ‘Kurudhipunal’ style but unfortunately got hit by the train.The man's body was virtually traumatized and dragged by the train…Railway authorities rushed to the spot and brought him in stretcher…

I was not even able to figure out whether he was black or white that his body was soaked in ‘Blood Bucket’. The experience of seeing the train hitting a person was horrendous…
Mambalam Railway crossing is one of the hot spots for train fatalities over years.

According to the locals:When he got to the rail, he stumbled, just seconds before the train.

I don't know why people take that chance. We're in a hurry. We have a meeting. The kids have an appointment, but it's not going to make any difference after. The chances of being alive are not too good. The train wins.

People always think, It won't happen to me, but it is us because it's our community members we're losing.

I had nothing to do with it…For a moment thought of my next days Xam which was even more horrendous for me… So went to my friend's house in the same train…

....…………………”PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”………………………


Fuckin "MOCHA"...

It was Sunday ...Yet another real vetty day, thought of going out somewhere , myself along with 3 of my friends (Ganesh, Srinath, Venkatraman ) went to ‘Mocha’ known to be paradise of nungambakkam.

We were amazed by its plateresque bungalow and 3 to 4 dozens of sleeveless angels, the place was initially surrounded by lot of ‘kutties’ not kids…I meant the other kutties.

'Mocha' is a typical teenage villa. We went on looking at every kutty present there and finally settled in Chaco Latte laden tables with cigarette packets and scraps beneath….

In the moonlight, Mocha looks like a scene out of Arabian Nights,
as rows of dim lanterns light up quirky chairs and a rambling garden bisected by a rather eccentric stream…. The coffee shop, set in the centre, is theatrical, painted in deliciously outlandish hues: deep red, bright blue and rich gold.

It's supposed to be "a whiff of Morocco, a taste of the Mediterranean, glimpses of the Polynesian, the splendour of Brazil, all at one destination…. Amit Nanavati, who with his brother Samir Nanavati, has the franchise for the Chennai Mocha…. "The bungalow's been completely transformed”, the stairs past blue and silver walls, to the `dark room,' which is covered in kitschy cushions, and rich swathes of fabric by their architect and interior designer, The cafe certainly has that `buzz.'…… In the evening, it's positively festive, with people air-kissing frantically, the air covered with fragrant smoke from fruit sheeshas, waiters buzzing around and — invariably — at least 3 spaghetti-strap flaunting young things conducting discussions on life, love and lipstick in the tub…. While the food is certainly interesting(until uyou eat it), a couple of items make you wonder whether they have employed Shylock in the kitchen, considering the sparse fillings and meagerly measured ice-cream scoops. They also do need to pay attention to the finer details…. The Great Shakes, for instance, are served with monster sized spoons. You can get at the Brownie at the bottom if you have a tongue like a frog, but otherwise you are just going to have to look at it wistfully.

The atmosphere's deliciously languid, making it a very kick-off-your-shoes-and-relax kind of place. Unfortunately, the waiters tend to be as laid-back as the customers, and the service is cheerfully absent-minded. Which means you're probably not going to get your food unless you keep a sharp eye on the guy in the funky apron and cap. (They are also easily confused, so be prepared to begin your meal with ice cream and end with a starter.)

However, everything considered, Mocha's certainly started with a remarkable caffeine-and-cocoa flavoured bang. It remains to be seen whether it will captivate Chennai's remarkably fickle party people for long enough to make a dent in the city's vibrant coffee shop culture, or just be another short storm in a cappuccino mug.

Enough of merits about mocha….

As it was my first time to mocha I asked my friend venkatraman about the dishes,and we planned to have ‘Desserts’…

Venkat suggested …..”Lava Lava” : ‘warning’ Hot molten chocolate under a simmering brownie crust. I didn’t think of any side effects and ordered the same.

Srinath and Ganesh ordered….”Thank God it’s a sundae”

Venkat ordered some milkshake.

We were looking at the guys leaving smokes with 'Hookah' .
And i finally got my item….i was shocked at the first sight itself seein the size of the item i ordered....I still expected it to be good...but it turned out to be a total disaster...
Ice Cream at the top, which I cleared immediately in a sweep.. then came the hot molten part of it.. which was not ice cream…it was not cake…it was “BOOST” preserved at high temperature…

It was sluggish, fishy in appearance…Oh!! My God …did I come all the way from mambalam to eat this BOOST kinda shit for 110 bucks..

Then my friends got their respective Desserts(”Thank God it’s a sundae”)…I was not able to take my eyes out of those items.. my friends commented that it was gr8..so without any hesitation I ordered the same.. which again let me into disaster…it had Ice Cream over the top with almonds inside…

then deep inside it was full of BREAD stuff.. hats off to the fuckin mocha guys who prepare the Ice Shit stuffz… this bread was 130 bucks..

I was asked to put additional 50 for my friend…
Gross amount of 290/- out for nothing.. So sad to say that i ate only for 50/- grand…

Then we came out of that fuckin mocha…and caught an AUTO who asked 35/- but as reaching the destination point he demanded 75/-…then we gave him 50 bucks…so it added to 340/-grand...

Last but not least….This Sunday (3rd) was the most disastrous day of this month r this year….

Chennai inside Inferno......