I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."


It was a cold morning and the body required a light sweater. I peeped out of the window with the steaming cup of tea in my hand. I felt the selective transformation of cold breeze into the mystery laden mist. I had pretty dull vision of something which was fair, structured, and curvy at the window of the next door. The room was glowing with the light of a candle. The clothes of a girl were waving in the volatile breeze. I thought of communicating with that girl specie in the next door by waving my hand but, unfortunately a man suddenly unplugged the candle light... the bright white clothes of that girl was still partially visible. I sighed!

Then I gave up the silly look-over job. The following morning I saw the same, but the girl elicited little reaction. I was trying to be a vegetarian until a good-natured smile was witnessed by me in the lights of candle. I was unable to stay in a single position; I was in metastable state so as the light.

The next day, bright-eyed elderly man with great shocks of white hair left the next door; which created a chromatographic affinity towards the girl next door. My heart was pounding, hands started shaking, and legs trembled but managed myself to get into the next compound. It was a short-sleeved midday, the situation was brightly setup and the door was half closed.

After a small research I managed to gather the facts- historical, social, biological and climatic that will give you a feel of authenticity.

[BTW I was trying to make a new friend that’s all]

I unzipped the partially unzipped door and advanced inside in spite of the silence laden house. I heard a whisper which gave me a shining promise of making a new friend. I saw an element lying down in the hall and it was the bright white dupatta I happened to witness the day before. I smelled the scent of auspiciousness in the house :p. I moved over and saw the tops lying down in an unearthly fashion and the things were juggled. Suddenly I heard a sound... and it was coming right from the other room but, I know that it was made by a lizard which required a serious spray of black HIT!! Then I looked around the room and saw.... saw... SAW the girls pant. I thought it was really auspicious :p. The situation made me highly piquant, I advanced into the next bedroom and what I found was definitely not that girl instead her bra, my eyebrows raised high and knocked the partially opened bathroom door, I heard the sound of water flowing... I thought somebody was in there so called MAM (I was expecting someone to reply for that.) then.. SIR (seriously I didn’t expect anyone to reply for that) but nobody replied. Opened the door slowly and witnessed some 12 panties lying down ( I seriously counted them without any direct contact). There was another entrance through the bathroom, so I again the knocked and continued the process and yelling of Sir’s and Mam’s. I slowly opened the door (here slowly means the fastest way in which I can ever open the door :d) and what I SAAAAAW was a curvy, sexy, gorgeous or one of the sexiest siren I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. And... ... ... ... ... she was a model ... A female wax/plastic model. Gosh!! This was the one which I happened to see in those freezing early mornings; I presumed by witnessing the pulchritudinous features of that girl...err...wax toy... I was deserted the very moment... Suddenly I heard a voice... The man came back and asked...

MAN: What are you doing here? You belong to next door naa?

Me: I was looking for some girl...errs... (I stammered) I was trying to make new friends...

MAN: That’s great... me??

Me: Oh my god!! Definitely not you sir... (I started leaving his house in great hurry) but I still heard some sweet girl’s voice. I turned around and asked him in a terrible tone... do you have a girl in here?

MAN: What? I’m not of that kind...

Me: I saw a HOTT!! Real sexy girl at the next window... words from my mouth sputtered and coughed... I kept my eyes wide opened... and left the place...

[To my home :p]...

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First day of my last semester...

I was feeling restless on the day when the doors of the gaol opened again. Despite my best efforts at taking my sight off the same old junkyard of scarecrows; where they were standing right in front of the department which is considered as the most awful moment for a student entering into one’s department on the reopening day of bright and last semester in one’s college life.

I opted for the stairs which was the only option available; no butterflies, no birds, and no tender coconuts. As a matter of fact it was the heaven of Bachelor’s in their unique philosophy; next, to the shouts of what meaning such a bloody tragedy could have, I have to admit that I hardly touched err... spoke to a girl in our college.

I entered the class and sat down at the last desk (view point which mainly focuses MBA department) [:p], glum and disheartened.

Cling! Cling! Cling! The bell rang.... I asked myself “What now, Tolstoy?” Something was going on really wrong and it was a HOT black orang-utan that arrived, who suffers from psycho sexual disorder (If you ask my chap Saby you’d come to know more about it... :P) and started noting down the frequencies of our presence... Oh my god... Gosh! He was my so called pedagogue. I was let down, but I heard something which was like honey flowing into my ears... Noddle of our domain was kicked out of his seat, the old one doesn’t deserve to sit in that chair; not even for one trillionth of an atto second (10^-18 sec), I wonder how he got his doctorate. Hope the new one is good.

The next class began and it was a lady... lady... lady staff. She was gorgeous, curvy, fair, romantic...grr... it is not the looks I stress upon... She is far better than any other men staff... polite, gentle, fluent, in depth knowledge in subject and the way in which she moves with the students beats every other staff in 9:1 ratio(except for few). But conversation was easy to come by and so, experienced a spry in our class.

I was walking towards the bus faster with the hands inside the pockets. The usage of the word faster here in the most relaxed sense. I chose the demeanour- calm, quiet and introspective- did something to soothe my shattered self for worthless reasons which used to linger my mind quiet often. I parked my ass behind the girl’s seat and the seat before me was occupied by some insane girl and the one whom I didn’t like from the early days of college. But she had some pulchritudinous features :d. I have never been so close to her before, I tried hard clinging to the window but, she was a botanical garden with lot of curves who made me focus on her. But she belongs to someone else so am I. For the first time superabundant gush was such a shock that I became incoherent and my face collapsed (definitely not because of that girl but some other weird reason) and I fainted in the arms of nobody but on the window and finally managed myself to reach home.

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