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High heels = Frenzy women

In quotidian life almost every woman below 30 wears or possesses heels, in spite of the availability of flat wears. What is the fucking necessity of wearing heels?...
For ages boys have been lured by the sweet but dangerous speech of girls… and the present generation of girls try to galvanize themselves from reality.

Even operational researches are being employed to discover the origin of heels… it employs mathematical logic to complex problem requiring optimization in the research field, but it was never disclosed and may get revealed in near future…

Leaving aside the above bafflement and coming to the point...

Why were heels been worn while it was invented?

Generally girls used to boast themselves too much for which they are not really worth… I hope gorgeous but short ones failed to create an impact in men’s heart for the fact that they were short. So they desperately needed some kind of magical spell to make up their height. Spell by some junk finally gave birth to useless product called heels. What an erroneous and dangerous invention could these heels be, these might virtually fuck your leg.

Heels are being used even in men’s wear but considering the factor of safety, the heels used in men’s wear are only of few inches in height. But considering women on the other hand who always run wild both physically and mentally, they use heels of 7 to 9inch in height…
Wearing high heels is especially stressful on the joints of the foot because all of the body's weight rests there; the foot is then forced into a narrow, pointed toe box, compounding the problem. The wearing of high heeled shoes is a prime example of women inviting foot problems. Doctors of podiatric medicine see no value in high heels (generally defined as pumps with heels of more than two inches). Heels are biomechanically and orthopedically unsound, citing medical, postural, and safety faults of such heels.

I once saw a girl with heels; she was straying in the streets of T.Nagar. She unfortunately stepped on a pebble and broke her ankle; she was not even able to lift herself. Few inquisitive people lifted her. (NOTE: I was not one of them.) Why do these girls wanna wear these types of Aladdin Wears and suffer?

Here I don’t say that girls must avoid heels on the whole…but by considering the factor of safety will make Genie help you rather than Jaffer preying you.

GIRLS MUST C: For other ill effects of high heels click here.
Even though there are medical agitations against these high heels, women continue to wear them as they are frenzy…

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