I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."

Am in outright forlornness…

Am in outright forlornness… This is possibly true but probably false…

The three things that I value the most in my life are…

1) She

2) She

3) She

1) She - to shower love and affection.

2) She - to share my ecstatic joy and grief.

3) She - to be with me till death.


The atmosphere is so desolate; it's like she is omnipresent, which is possibly true but probably false. And when she turned into superior version of "Chapel of Love" in my second life and left me in dilemma in my real life. Her quiet posture stunned me and my heart broke out when she turned her back. I became the "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” with appy fizz in my hand. She turned discourteous and I was in melancholy and in an anguished "Delta Dawn,”. She pulls off from second life as well as from real life. A few contemporary vocalists played neo-tonal or neo-Romantic music and tried to pull off the bleakness of "kisses & hugs" or the forlornness of "Am I Blue?" with such genuine shades of feelings inside me; the vocalists were not loud enough to pull off the bleakness. Perhaps she is an accomplished actress in second life as well in real life, my emotions always ring true.

The world "not as static, fixed forms of reality but as floating pictures of radiant qualities, which range from states of forlornness and emptiness to quiet or ecstatic joy.

I hide my tears when I say her name but the pain in my heart still the same, although I smile and seem free, there is no one who misses her more than me.


Girl whom I referred in the post is imaginary. :d

I’ am not in forlorn state or anything related to that… but I wrote this post considering myself in that state.

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