I call this blog a Scrambled Erratum! The description goes like this - "Aggregate of individuals
are left in confused state as even the smallest subatomic matter in their respective brains make
them scratch their heads by self or mechanical/electronic means, intentionally/unintentionally
deviating from what is correct, right or true."


Nobody is gonna be there for me…

Everybody is gonna mind their own work at some point of time.

I may be in the hearts of a few…

But for others I am an old pew.

Nobody is gonna see my face,

It’ll happen without any ‘if in case’.

I already lost a dear one with the entire chase…

My words didn’t pave her mother’s ace,

I fell for gravity dram created by the vicissitudes of fate.

And I acted without any grace!

Nobody is gonna be there for me…

The other girl gave me a place…

This moved me with a tied lace,

The space she gave me at her place,

Embraced me, but it was a brace.

Nobody is gonna be there for me…

Few of my pals moved to United States,

Few people belonged to the work phase,

They’ll not look at me with a smiling face,

They’ll all move on with a certain pace,

Since, I am not worth for any race.

Nobody is gonna be there for me…

In college the subjects were piling all the days,

Arrears went piling up in pace,

I tried clearing them at once,

But the effort was rickety instead.

Algebra, Trigonometry, Differentiation, Integration O Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Generation, situation, separation, maculation Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Calculation, dissipation, Derivation, Devastation resulted in vacillation Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Space creating a place which had a strong base, went in vein in the chase,

There was no race there was no grace, I thought somebody would brace,

Instead she, in a quite pace erased with an ace.

In the mace of beautiful flower vase, And at a particular phase I saw a phrase which clearly stated that I was really waste!

Nobody is gonna be there for me in few days…